The New (CD) Hotness

I called this post the new hotness because I believe you will agree what to follow is HOT.  One of my goal this year is to improve the presentation of my product delivery.  Beginning immediately, images that are to be delivered via a CD, where appropriate will come on a custom laser-imprint CD and a branded CD sleeve

In a branded CD sleeve AND…

Custom laser-imprint CD using an image from the session.

So was I right? Hot or not?  More hotness to come.

Modern Family

[singlepic id=80 w=320 h=240 float=left]

About a month ago, my sister-in-law asked if I can take some family portraits for her family.  She wanted something different and as always, I’m more than happy to do anything different.  What is different?  I asked the same question and was given free rein to do what I thought would be different.  Knowing that my sister-in-law is a traditionalist and enjoy designs that best be described as “Victorian”, I knew I couldn’t go too far for the chart.

With “traditionalist” in mind, I was fully expecting the family to show up with matching turtlenecks.  But my game plan was quickly thrown out the door the moment they walked through with matching jeans, blue and white shirt combos.   My vision went from warm-snuggie-around-the-firepit to “Modern Family”.

From a technical standpoint, it was a pretty straightforward.  I used a Westcott 43″ white collapsible umbrella as shoot-thru to get broad/even coverage, I kept the shutter fairly open to bring in a bit more ambient.  Use natural light as rim whenever I can.  At one point I had to ball-bungie a 2nd SB-600 on to the light stand to get a faster recycle time but nothing out of the ordinary.  Time management on the other hand was a whole different ball of wax however.  Let just say I, being a goofball, generally cause kids to goof off even when I don’t want them to, and that I had to sort through A LOT of images where at least one niece had crossed-eyed, balloon-cheeks, general grumpiness, or being grumpy while crossed-eyed with cheeks inflated.

All it all though, good times!

Happy Holidays

It has been a great year for Ed Ip Photography.

Thank you for letting Trish and I, at Ed Ip Photography serve your photography needs this past year.  2010 has been a great year and it’s because of you!  We’ve had the pleasure of visiting families in their homes to capture family portraits, traveled to a number of places to be the official photographer for a number of events, and we have even expanded our services by moving into a studio space.  Again, it’s all because of great customers such as yourself.

Looking forward to 2011, we will be expanding our product offerings for individual, family and high school senior portraiture.  In addition, we continue to look forward to provide photographic coverage at  events throughout the country.

If you are on Facebook, you can find us at to join in on the fun and keep in touch!

We truly appreciate meeting and working with you this past year.  We wish you and yours safe and happy holidays and a prosperous 2011!