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For family pictures, most of our customers are not big fan of being in the studio and we understand.

Being on location will allow us to go wherever you want while doing anything you like — assuming legal and safe-ish.   You should feel comfortable with your surroundings and be able to let loose.  If you want your pictures taken in a swimming pool, let’s do it. If you feel most at ease sitting in your living room, that’s fine too. Most importantly, I want you to have a say in the session.  The pictures we take together should truly represent you and yours.

Before your session we’ll spend 20-30 minutes on the phone or over a cup of coffee going over your expectations. We will discuss what pictures and settings you have in mind, as well as what you are thinking you might do with them. Are you looking for a family portrait in the park or would you rather focus on your daughter and one of her favorite activities? Will you be putting the pictures over your fireplace, in a picture wall, or will you perhaps be sharing them as a gift with friends and family? By addressing these details early, we can ensure that the pictures you receive will best suit what you have in mind.

About a week after your session, your images will be available through an online gallery.  The online gallery will be available for one year and you are free to share the gallery with your friends and family, link to Facebook, blog, etc. I will also follow-up shortly to get your thoughts as well as discuss purchase options.

Family session is $150 for 1.5 hr session.

Prices & packages are subject to 5% Virginia sales tax.